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Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels* are an advanced form of exfoliation and yield more dramatic results quicker.  Michelle offers peels that address fine/lines wrinkles, sun-damage, elasticized skin, large pores, clogged pores, and acne.  Service includes cleansing, peel, treatment, mask, & hydration. A post-peel consultation will follow to educate clients on home care.
**Please note that chemical peels will not be administered before a pre-peel consultation and patch test have been performed. 
Chemical Peel Q & A
Q. What is a chemical peel?
A.  A non-invasive form of exfoliation using an acid solution.
Q. What kind of peels do you offer?
A.  Michelle offers both light and medium peels.  Both peels work on the dermis or superficial layer of the skin.  Anything that works beyond the dermis must be administered under the direction of a physician.
Q. What do peels do?  What are my expected results?
A.  Depending on the peel being used and the goal(s) you are trying to achieve, chemical peels can help to:
     1. Reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, age spots
     2. Improve uneven pigmentation, especially hyperpigmentation or  
         sun-spots, or areas void of pigmentation.
     3. Reduce pore size, unclog-pores
     4. Promote overall youthfulness of skin by increasing cell renewal
         or dead skin cell shedding and increase cell turnover.
Q.  What's the benefit of a peel versus a customized facial?
A.  Chemical peels offer a greater degree of exfoliation for more visible results, quicker.
Q.  Why get a peel and not microdermabrasion?
A.  Peels can be administered on a wider range of clients, especially those with mature or aging skin where mechanical exfoliation (microderm) might be too heavy and actually damage the skin. Microdermabrasion works really well on scars or where skin terrain is unusually textured.
Q.  Do chemical peels hurt?
A.  Clients should expect a minor burning or itching sensation while the peel is being administered, from 1-4 minutes.
Q.  Will my skin actually peel?
A.  With light peels, the answer is usually no. With light peels, recovery time is about 2 hours, and the client might experience a little pinkness to the skin.  With medium peels, the client may see a little flaking a day or two later.  Keep in mind if the side effects were that great, Michelle would not be able to administer them.  Although there should be no sun exposure 24 hours before or after a peel whether it's light or medium.  
Q.  When can I schedule my peels?
A.  After you've had a 20 minute pre-peel consultation and a patch test.  The patch-test has to be administered to see how your skin will react to the peel Michelle has chosen to meet your desired results.  You must stop in 24-48 hours later to be evaluated.  Then the peel session can be scheduled.  Please know that after your peel, there will be a post-peel consultation to educate you on caring for your skin after your peel.  Peels can be administered 14 days apart, on average. The patch test and pre-peel consultation is a one-time deal if Michelle has never given you a peel. 
Q. Can anyone get a peel? No matter their skin type?
A.  Yes!  Peels are customized to suite your needs.  There's even a peel that's effective and gentle enough for those with rosacea.
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Serenity Spa & Tanning
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*All Chemical Peels are provided by independent contractor, Michelle Parent.  SMY Enterprises Inc., DBA Serenity Spa & Tanning, is not responsible for any irritations to the skin that chemical peel clients may have as a result of any chemical peel performed by said provider.
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