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Customized Facials
Each of our Customized Facials feature Keyano Aromatics Holistic Skin Care, Therapeutic Serums and Treatment Masks to address your specific needs.  As the weather and seasons change, so do the needs of your skin -- Michelle can address the needs of your skin each time you come in with a wide variety of facial treatments that will help with the following skin care issues:
Acne •  Rosacea •  Dry/Sensitive •  De-Hydrated •  Hyper-                         Pigmentation •  Skin-Resurfacing
Types of Facials Available:
All Customized Facials - $75
Each treatment is tailored to the specifc needs of your skin to address such issues as listed above.
Approximate Length of Treatment: 60-70 Minutes
Express Facial - $45
Designed to be a pick-me up or maintenance service. Includes cleansing, toning, mask, & hydration.
Approximate Length of Treatment: 30-40 Minutes
Deep Pore - $75
Cleans & reduces pore size.  Ideal for someone who has never had a facial.
Approximate Length of Treatment: 60-70 Minutes
Paraffin - $75
Ideal for fall/winter months.  Warm paraffin is brushed on to seal in moisture
for intense hydration.  Leaves skin glowing.
Approximate Length of Treatment:  60-70 Minutes

Seasonal - $75
Chocolate, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Cranberry and Many More!
Back Facial - $45 (with Paraffin - $55)
Back is cleansed, exfoliated, & treated.  Customized for oily or dry skin needs.
Approximate Length of Treatment: 50-70 Minutes
Child's Facial (ages 6-12)  - $15
Michelle Parent, Esthetician
Serenity Spa & Tanning
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